Ben's Grass Fed Beef

With Ben's Grass Fed Beef, you don't have to go through the hassle of trying to figure out how much beef you will get out of a whole or half carcass. You can order by the cut or by the bundle to fit your family's needs.

There are no up front deposits and no tricky percentages to calculate. No time spent in negotiations with the meat cutter and no separate bills to pay. Ben's Grass Fed Beef comes to you as individual cuts, vacuum packaged and frozen. You only purchase what you will eat.

In the Colusa Area, you pick up your order at 2963 Davison Court, Colusa, CA 95932 (Colusa Industrial Park).

If ordering in the Bay Area, please arrange your pickup through Leah.

Please remember that we only have a limited number of our highest quality beef available at any given time, so get your orders in early as it is first come, first served.

For Colusa Area orders please contact Ben and for the Bay Area please contact Leah at the phone numbers or email addresses below.

steak photo